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5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies
in Agriculture, Food and Environment (HAICTA 2011)

September 8-11, 2011, Skiathos Island, Greece

Thursday 8 September


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Doctoral Consortium

Chair: Thomas Bournaris

Monitoring cotton crop evapotranspiration based on satellite data

Anna Blanta, Dalezios R. Nicolas, Aglaia Maliara, Nicos Spyropoulos

A Survey of the Applications of main Biometrical methodologies and relative Informatics tools applied in agricultural research

Vissarion Gousios, Stergios Tzortzios

Web 2.0 and tourism

Gergely Ráthonyi, László Várallyai

Coffee break

Estimation of weeds leaf cover using image analysis and its relationship with fresh biomass yield of maize under field conditions

Asif Ali, Jens Carl Streibig, Svend Christensen, Christian Andreasen

Classification and Ranking of Greek agricultural and environmental e-governement services

Parthena Chatzinikolaou, Thomas Bournaris

A New Method to Evaluate Habitat Status Based on the Use of Data on Oribatid Mites (Acari: Oribatida)

Veronika Gergócs, Levente Hufnagel


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Friday 9 September


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Invited Talk

Challenges in ICT adoption for a sustainable future

Dr. Soulla Louca


Coffee break


Session 1 (Room A)

ICT Applications & Adoption

Chairs: Alexandros Sideridis & Örjan Berglund

Session 2 (Room B)

GIS and Applications

Chairs: Stergios Tzortzios & Amilcar Oliveira

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and adjustment of the marketing strategy in the agrifood system in Italy
Alessandro Scuderi, Luisa Sturiale

Experience from the Use of the Interactive Model- and GIS-based Information and Decision Support System LandCaRe-DSS for the Development of Economic Effective Application Strategies of Agriculture to Climate Change
Karl-Otto Prof. Dr. Wenkel, Wilfried Dr. Mirschel, Michael Berg, Ralf Dr. Wieland, Barbara Dr. Köstner

ICT applications in the Supply Chain of Greek Agricultural Cooperatives
Dimitra-Nefeli Makri, Athina Skandalou, Vasiliki Manthou, Maro Vlachopoulou

Rete Natura 2000 reviewed through territorial GIS zoning

Francesco Riccioli, Jean Pierre El Asmar, Toufic El Asmar

ICTs in Irish Agriculture: Can ICTs Improve Communication Between Agribusiness and Farmers?

Padraig Wims

Consequences of limited soil protection in cities of Central Europe analyzed through GIS methods and participatory impact assessment – URBAN SMS project

Grzegorz Siebielec, Artur Lopatka, Magdalena Gluszynska, Anna Zurek, Tomasz Stuczynski, Jaroslava Sobocka, Sigbert Huber, Petra Bluemlein, Isabel Wieshofer, Marco Parolin, Josef Kozak, Borut Vrscaj

Issues in ICT Adoption in Agriculture: a Survey Among Italian Tractor’s Users
Ester Ferrari, Eugenio Cavallo

Spatiotemporal classification of drought severity

Dalezios R. Nicolas, Anna Blanta, Nicos Spyropoulos, Nicholas Pismichos, Evangelia Boukouvala


Session 3 (Room A)

Web-based Applications

Chairs: Vassiliki Manthou & Jacob Nemes

Session 4 (Room B)

Information Systems

Chairs: Vasilios Manos & Elisabeth Bölenius

The New eCustoms Information and Communication Technology Platform Applied as a Business to Government (B2G) Interface

Iraj Namdarian

SISALERT - A generic web-based plant disease forecasting system
José Maurício Fernandes, Willingthon Pavan, Rosa Maria Sanhueza

Using Social Media for Continuous Monitoring and Mining of Consumer Behaviour
Michail Salampasis, Giorgos Paltoglou, Anastasia Giahanou

Implementation of BiogasWebPlanner® system for analysis of biogas plants market in Poland
Krzysztof Pilarski, Tomasz Kluza, Jacek Dach, Piotr Boniecki, Adam Krysztofiak

The Use of Social Media among Students of Technology Agriculture and their Role in Promoting Agribusiness
Sophia Vassiliadou, Margarita Vogiatzi, Theodore Amygdalas, Dimosthenis Mpoutakidis

Design and Development of an Innovative Information System application to present Natura 2000
Konstandinos Panitsidis, Panagiotis Lefakis

E-marketing and Internet Functions of Agricultural Products in SME in Greece
Georgios Tsekouropoulos, Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Christiana Koliouska, Stavroula Lefa, Theodoros Koutroumanidis, Christos Batzios

Information architecture for crop growth simulation model applications
José Maurício Fernandes, Alexandre Lazzaretti, Willingthon Pavan, Rodrigo Tsukahara




Session 5 (Room A)

ICT Applications

Chairs: Zacharoula Andreopoulou & Vojtech Merunka

Session 6 (Room B)

Sensor, Mobile & Wireless Network Applications

Chairs: Theofanis Gemtos & Miran Lakota

Climate change, rural systems and innovation: the role of Internet
Irene Paola Borrelli, Gian Paolo Cesaretti, Rosa Misso, Debora Scarpato

Simulation of Bin Loading Process During Manual Harvest of Specialty Crops Using the Machine Repair Model

Yiannis Ampatzidis, Stavros Vougioukas, Matthew Whiting

Digital Business Ecosystem Prototyping for Agri-food SMEs
Miklós Herdon, Ádám Péntek, László Várallyai

Agricultural vehicle condition monitoring system based on unsupervised novelty detection
Dimitrios Moshou, Dimitrios Kateris, Athanasios Natsis, Ioannis Gravalos, Nader Sawalhi, Ioannis Kalimanis, Theodoros Gialamas, Panagiotis Xyradakis, Zisis Tsiropoulos

The eCustoms Central Applications Platform for the Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Business (G2B) Data Exchange and Retrieval
Iraj Namdarian

The autonomous detection of tree position with different GPS devices for the need of early apple yield forecast
Denis Stajnko, Miran Lakota

Development of Agrotourism through the Application of Internet Technologies: Problems and Perspectives

Stephanos Karagiannis, Dimitris Stavroulakis

Design of an autonomous robotic vehicle and development of a suitable gripper for harvesting sensitive agricultural products
Constantinos Parisses, Evaggelos Marinis


Coffee break


Session 7 (Room A)

E-learning & Knowledge Management

Chairs: Constantinos Yialouris & László Várallyai

Session 8 (Room B)

Information Systems

Chairs: Batzios Christos & Oleksandr Chernyak

A Descriptive Study on the Students' Responses to Learning through an On-Line Agricultural Simulation Game
Hasan Önder, Kemal Çağatay Selvi, Sezen Ocak

Transformation of a Use Case Main Success Scenario into Business Object Relation Modeling (BORM) workflow diagram for effective business process requirement analysis – the Greenhouse Integrated Pest Management case study
Vojtech Merunka, Athanasios Podaras

E-learning material for teaching logic
Maria Bako, Laszlo Aszalos

Integrated Modeling of Hydrological Processes through OpenMI and Web Services

Konstantinos Kokkinos, Athanasios Loukas, Nicholas Samaras, Omiros Iatrellis

A Framework for E-Learning in Agricultural Education

Ioannis Kazanidis, Stavros Valsamidis, Ioannis Petasakis, Alexandros Karakos

Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Application in Information and Communication Technologies
Violeta Cvetkoska

Business Knowledge Modelling Using the BORM Method
Martin Molhanec, Vojtěch Merunka, Iveta Merunková

Stabilization of Interconnected Systems with Decentralized State and/or Output Feedback

Constantinos Parisses



Saturday 10 September


HAICTA 2011 Registration


Dissemination Event A (In Greek)

1. Mr Adonis Kontos, Marathon Data Systems, Current Applications of GIS, practice and experience

2. Mr Kaltsis Giannis, I-GROW – Integrated Crop Management Software (ICM) according to the AGRO 2 standard


Dissemination Event B

Topic: ICT and Rural Development

Mrs Anthoula Katsirma, Managing Authority of the "Rural Development Programme of Greece 2007-2013"


Session 9 (Room A)

Precision Agriculture

Chairs: Thomas Bournaris & Irene Paola Borrelli

Session 10 (Room B)

Database Systems & Modeling

Chairs: Constantinos Parisses & José Maurício Fernandes

Delineation of management zones in an apple orchard: correlations between yield and soil properties
Katerina Aggelopoulou, Theofanis Gemtos

Application of Data Mining Techniques to Olea europaea var. media oblonga production from Thassos Island
Theodosios Theodosiou, Stavros Valsamidis, Georgios Hatziliadis, Michael Nikolaidis

Precision Agriculture Applications in Horticultural Crops in Greece and Worldwide

Theofanis Gemtos, Spyros Fountas, Katerina Aggelopoulou

APMP: an alternative for Packaging Industry

Hossein Kermanian, Omid Ramezani, Mohammad Angoraj Taghavi

Application of Relational Databases in Listing Pesticides used in Greece according to their Hazards in Human Health and the Environment
Sophia Vassiliadou, Dimosthenis Mpoutakidis, Michail Karikas

Forecasting of cut Christmas trees with Artificial Neural Networks (TNN)
Konstantinos Ioannou, Garyfallos Arabatzis, Koutroumanidis Theodoros, Apostolidis Georgios

Improved system to normalize the oxygen distribution in the tank water in aquaculture
Panagiotis Angelidis

Classification of Financial Conditions of the Enterprises in Different Industries of Ukrainian Economy Using Bayesian Networks
Oleksandr Chernyak, Yevgen Chernyak


Coffee break


Session 11 (Room A)

Modeling & Simulation

Chairs: Alexandros Theodoridis & Francesco Riccioli

Session 12 (Room B)

Environmental Control Systems

Chairs: Maro Vlachopoulou & Karl-Otto Wenkel

Regional management - modeling and simulation approach

Vojtech Merunka, Iveta Merunkova, Josef Myslin

DSS in Environmental Governance: the case of forest management in Greece

Evangelos Tasoulas, Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Panagiotis Lefakis

DSS applications in forest policy and management: Analysis of current trends
Antonios Athanasiadis, Zacharoula Andreopoulou

Inventory of carbon sequestration in Artemisia lands of Hamadan province
Seyed Akbar Javadi, Ghavamodin Zahedi Amiri, Mohamad Naderi, Faranak Raoofi, Khadije Mahdavi

Modelling movements of root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne spp. juveniles when encumbered with spores of Pasteuria penetrans
Ioannis Vagelas, Barbara Pembroke, Simon Gowen

Control System of Soil Quality Status

Iacob Nemes, Laura Constantinescu

Comparison of models for describing the lactation curves of Chios sheep using daily records obtained from an automatic milking system

Maria Karangeli, Zafeiris Abas, Theodoros Koutroumanidis, Chrisovalantis Malesios, Costas Giannakopoulos

The Gully Erosion Effect on the Environment
Iacob Nemes, Laura Constantinescu




Session 13 (Room A)

Rural Development & ICT

Chairs: Garyfallos Arabatzis & Omid Ramezani

Poster Session (from 14:30 to 16:00)

On the go measurements of penetration resistance and yield and the effect of deep loosening

Elisabeth Bölenius

Application of dGPS to Harvesting Date and Precision Viticulture in Slovenia

Miran Lakota, Denis Stajnko

Rural Tele-centers in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Iran: Situations and Problems (Case Study: South Khorasan Province – East of Iran)

Farhood Golmohammadi

Applications of Informatics in a LDV project with reference to the organic farming in Greece and Europe

Vissarion Gousios, Athanasia Tziortziou, George Vlontzos, Stergios Tzortzios

Data acquisition during composting experiments with usage of 4-chamber bioreactor for modeling of biological processes

Jacek Dach

Biodiversity Management in Viticulture Landscapes -Demonstrating Project LIFE+ BioDiVine

France Mercier, Joel Rochard, Carine Herbin, Maarten Van Helden, Josépha Guenser, Marie Fauchadour

Impact of cultivation technology on yield and fodder value of winter triticale grain

Bogusława Jaskiewicz, Grazyna Podolska

Request e-abilities to labour market

László Várallyai, Miklós Herdon

Environmental control systems for defining the activity size distribution of radioactive aerosols - a case study

Alexandra Ioannidou

Method for detection of mixtures of normal distributions with application to vine varieties

Amílcar Oliveira, Teresa Oliveira

I-GROW – Integrated Crop Management Software (ICM) according to the AGRO 2 standard

Kaltsis Ioannis

Land use change analysis for assessment of soil protection efficiency in urban area – URBAN SMS project

Magdalena Gluszynska, Grzegorz Siebielec, Anna Zurek, Artur Lopatka

A user friendly GIS model for the estimation of erosion risk in agricultural land using the USLE

Anastasia-Maria Sotiropoulou, Thomas Alexandridis, George Bilas, Nikolaos Karapetsas, Aggeliki Tzellou, Nikolaos Silleos, Nikolaos Misopolinos

Surveying the validity of PPP in the dairy sector of EU by using nonlinear cointegration

Eleni Zafeiriou, Theodoros Koutroumanidis, Christos Karelakis, Spyridon Koutroubas

Examining Agriculture from a Regional Perspective: Implications for the Common Agricultural Policy
Stilianos Alexiadis, Nikolaos Hasanagas, Christos Ladias

Regional reports and presentations of regions in the Czech Republic
Jiri Vanek, Jan Jarolimek, Michal Stoces, Pavel Simek, Eva Cervenkova

Valuation of Environmental and Social Functions of the Multifunctional Cypriot Agriculture

Athanasios Ragkos, Alexandros Theodoridis


Coffee break


Session 14 (Room A)

Environmental Systems

Chairs: Georgios Tsekouropoulos & Grzegorz Siebielec

Session 15 (Room B)

Environmental Systems

Chairs: Nicolaos Dalezios & Padraig Wims

The influence of soil conditions on grain quality of spring wheat

Alicja Sulek, Grazyna Podolska, Marzena Mikos

Water Consumption Reduction Strategies in Recycled Paper Production Companies in Iran
Omid Ramezani, Hossein Kermanian, Zahra Razmpour

Estimation of erosion rate on Anthemountas Basin

Panagiotis Papazoglou, Anastasia Rizopoulou

Orthological management of hydrological runoff basins of the prefecture of drama (current situation – protective actions – perspectives)
Christos Kirkenidis, Ioannis Kirkenidis, Panagiotis Stefanidis

Implementation of Metadata Harvesting of Scientific and Scholarly Research Journal’s Content

Pavel Simek, Jan Jarolimek, Jiri Vanek, Michal Stoces

Spatial variation and correlation between electric conductivity (EM38) and CO2 emissions from a cultivated peat soil

Örjan Berglund

Choice-based valuation of natural resources in the protected area of the Evros Delta

Emmanouilides C.J.,Tsiantikoudis S.,Arabatzis G.

E-commerce and Database Technology in Small-Medium Wood Enterprises in Greece

Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Christiana Koliouska, Georgios Tsekouropoulos, Vagis Samathrakis

Tools for Crop Water Irrigation Assessment: Two Italian Examples

Nino P., Lupia F., Altobelli F., Vanino S., Namdarian Iraj

Assessing “Transaction Climate” Influencing the Adoption of Innovative ICT and E-business in the Greek Agri-food Sector

Sophia Zioupou, Zacharoula Andreopoulou, Basil Manos, Faidra Kiomourtzi


Plenary Session - Closure


Gala Dinner

Sunday 11 September

Excursion (for details check the social events web page)